You Bank Formally Acquires a HK Listed Company with Full Financial License -- Usher in a New Era of Blockchain + Globalization Finance 3.0

On Oct. 27, 2019, the global blockchain technology seminar sponsored by You Bank group officially opened in Hong Kong, China, the world's largest free port. Nearly 3,000 elites and practitioners from the digital economy industry around the world were invited to the conference to pool their wisdom on the technological frontier of digital economy and blockchain industry. Taking the innovative model of You Bank in the blockchain field as the entry point, we've explored the industry reform of the "blockchain + global finance" 3. 0 era.


After the opening ceremony, Mr. Daniel, CEO of You Bank, was invited to address the conference and share his view on the general trend of digital economy and blockchain industry. As a precursor in the digital economy industry, You Bank's layout and visions for the entire market in the future are also introduced.

On the scene, all the guests are honored to witness the epoch-making cooperation of the development of You Bank. With all the attention, Mr. Daniel, CEO of You Bank, and Dr. Fang wei, chairman of Zhuoyin International Group (hereinafter called Zhuoyin International) come to the stage, to finish on-site signing ceremony for You Bank's formal acquisition of China Zhuoyin International Holdings Limited, a HK listed company holding 1, 4, 6 and 9 full financial licenses. In the new era of blockchain technology innovation, this acquisition also means that from now on the compliance of You Bank has reached a broad consensus in the global financial market.

Zhuoyin International, (stock code: HK $08039) as a listed company in HK with a considerable scale, and modern and collectivized operation, has always adhered to the principle of talent coming first and good faith, strive to pool together the industry elites and combine the advanced management concept and information technology at home and abroad, so that we can always remain competitive in the fierce market competition and achieve sustained and stable development.

  After this acquisition, You Bank will formally take over several businesses under Zhuoyin International's brand, including big data, AI, education, healthcare, new energy, new materials, environmental protection, insurance, pension, pan-entertainment and bio-technology. By using the "blockchain+" model, the three ecologies of the innovation chain, application chain, value chain will be connected, which will push the original business scale to a new peak again.

After the signing ceremony of this acquisition, Mr. Liu Yang, You Bank's promotion ambassador for the Asia Pacific region, was specially invited to introduce the global operation mode of You Bank from the perspective of the whole Asian market, and looked forward to the future development strategy planning and industrial layout of You Bank group after the acquisition is formally concluded.

At the end of the seminar, Mr. Liu Yang also renewed his call on practitioners of the digital economy over all the world, to keep a forward-looking vision and entrepreneurship of daring to create new things in the era of blockchain 3. 0, to seek well-being for the development of digital economy and the blockchain industry, and to allow the "blockchain+" model to inject new vigor to more traditional industries. At the same time, we also call on more excellent enterprises like You Bank, to join hands to help more enterprises to keep up with the rhythm of the times, to share the dividends of blockchain 3.0 era, and to work together to build a new pattern for global economic market!