To expand the road and lead the digital future - Global Digital Economy Summit and You Bank Global Launch Ceremony · Kuala Lumpur Station ended successfully!

On July 28, 2019, the global blockchain, financial technology and other circles focused on Malaysia, one of the "Asia's Four Little Tigers", the Global Digital Economy Summit and the You Bank Global Launch Ceremony, Kuala Lumpur Station. The You Bank Global Launch Ceremony is based on the theme of “Dialogue for the Future”. Elite leaders from all walks of life around the world have participated in the event and shared the future, aiming to achieve multi-win.

The Global Digital Economy Summit and the You Bank Global Launch Ceremony·Kuala Lumpur kicked off in the organizer's speech. Mr. Dai Youming, the ambassador of You Bank China, expressed his gratitude to all the guests and mentioned that the advancement of the digital economy era is With consensus as the first impetus, only the high level of consensus can be reached to bring the asset management industry to a climax.
Mr. Dai Youming focused on the concept of “You Bank Global Launch Ceremony” – disseminating the ecological application value of You Bank Digital Asset Management Bank, promoting the global blockchain financial industry consensus and what You Bank really wants to build is actually a world. The “financial pipeline” within the scope realizes the rapid increase of digital wealth.

Speech by Mr. Dai Youming, Ambassador of China Bank Communications

Subsequently, Mr. Wang Fuzhong, a well-known Chinese economics professor, officially opened the speech session of this conference!

Mr. Wang Fuzhong, a well-known Chinese economics professor

Mr. Wang Fuzhong's theory of applied economics and the guests present analyzed the value relationship between the current blockchain and the bubble economy. He said that bubble is another way of saying value, and firmly believes that digital currency will subvert the entire financial system, and we are fortunate to become the insider of this information explosion era, just to witness the digital currency is making a sound.
The so-called bubble burst in digital currency is a normal phenomenon, because anything is not traded like a stock market every day, it is not 24 hours a day. In the past, some things burst into bubbles because their markets are small, they are regional markets, and digital currencies are all human beings, and our masses will grow bigger and bigger. At this point, You Bank has highlighted its forward-looking financial layout characteristics, going global and standing at the height of all mankind, thus attracting global attention.
Finally, Professor Wang Fuzhong gave a speech to the guests: The choice is more important than diligence. You missed the era of making money and making money. You missed the era of information revolution. You missed the era of the Internet. It doesn’t matter. Grab the blockchain and grab it. One of the digital currencies is enough!

Wang Xuezong, the founder of the chain reform experiment and chief economist of the China Blockchain Technology Reform Alliance

Wang Xuezong, the founder of the chain reform experiment and chief economist of China Blockchain Technology Reform Alliance, as the second guest speaker, then told everyone about the basic value of the blockchain economy and its great charm and how to improve the traditional economy. He emphasized that in the next five years, if you do not allocate financial assets other than real estate, your wealth will be seriously injected by inflation. Every technological revolution creates conflicts between ideals and traditions, while alternative assets and alternative lives are driven by alternative groups.
Mr. Wang Xuezong also said interestingly, don't say subversively, the revolution is not a good thing, causing on-the-spot thinking. The blockchain creates a natural trust machine for digital assets. Point-to-point direct transactions are as simple as texting, and encrypted digital assets have become a special currency in the digital economy era.
With the continuous development of blockchain technology in recent years, the term “blockchain+” has been repeatedly mentioned, and all walks of life seem to be striving to find a combination with blockchain technology in anticipation of The blockchain era grasps the initiative before the advent of the era. As the earliest entry area of the blockchain in the financial sector, the charm of “blockchain+finance” is quite unbearable.

You Bank Asia Pacific Communication Ambassador Liu Yang shared

After the speeches of the two economists, the biggest highlights of the summit also appeared. Liu Yang, the ambassador of You Bank Asia Pacific, is very passionate in his speech style. It not only represents his dedication to personal quality, but also directly reflects the unremitting efforts of You Bank team for corporate progress and social development, and upholds “creative creation, sharing, and joint construction. The determination to share and win together.
Liu Yang, the ambassador of You Bank Asia Pacific, mentioned in his share that You Bank is committed to becoming the “Fed” of the digital age, truly defining the value of digital currency, providing comprehensive, integrated digital asset management and finance for people around the world. service. And its global economic ecology allows blockchain assets to bring high growth returns, and through the "big capital" and "big platform" strategy, to create a platform that is highly anchored to the value of all digital currencies in the world!
In the non-domain ecosystem it creates, You Bank faces the entire market with a blend of all things, and absorbs all resources. And You Bank has never competed directly with other projects, helping to grow and grow by helping to create a “perpetual motion machine” for funding. Therefore, all future projects will be brought together to the big platform created by You Bank, which will eventually build a “digital ecological community” without domain sharing, an ecological platform for the convergence of global financial business resources.
At the end of the speech, Liu Yang always confidently invited the guests to witness the future development of You Bank.

The audience witnessed the future prosperity of You Bank!

With the upward force, you can see the earth outside the mountains, the long rivers and the magnificent global scenery.
At this point, the Global Digital Economy Summit and the You Bank Global Launch Ceremony·Kuala Lumpur Station ended successfully! As a pioneer of digital asset management banks, You Bank has fundamentally changed the business structure of the entire digital economy, allowing the world to see another possibility.
This is a journey in which all human beings witnessed the long-term ecological value of You Bank and the rapid growth of digital assets. To expand the road, lead the digital assets in the future, not only alone, but also look forward to the heavy impact of the You Bank global launch ceremony!