You Bank, the digital asset banking platform, unveiled at the top London blockchain summit, once again igniting the European market

        At the world-famous blockchain conference "London Blockchain Summit" on June 26-27, 2019, the world's first digital asset banking platform, You Bank, was unveiled. You BankCEO Daniel attended the summit and said at the conference that YUBBANK's goal is to create one of the world's largest integrated application ecosystems and issue You Bank's exclusive digital asset bank card for the storage of all major digital currencies around the world and for consumption around the world. .

        The 3rd London Blockchain Summit is the world's top blockchain summit, bringing together more than 100 blockchain business leaders and technology innovators, with more than 1,000 participants. It is the leading commercial blockchain event in Europe and the world. . It has attracted dozens of industry giants around the world, including Oracle, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, SAP, and PricewaterhouseCoopers. As the world's first digital asset banking platform, You Bank also attended the summit. This is the second time that You Bank has appeared in Europe after the 14th Berlin Unchain Conference, which once again ignited the European market.

“The platform in the platform, the ecology above the ecology”

        YouBankCEO Daniel attended the meeting and conveyed YouBank's vision of integrating global financial assets and building an independent economic system and an independent monetary system through the “Big Capital Strategy” and “Large Platform Strategy”.
Daniel pointed out at the meeting that compared to most blockchain projects that emphasize ecological construction and application scenarios, You Bank focuses on application scenarios. Under the current global blockchain industry landscape, the application scenario is only the most basic environment in the global ecosystem, and the bottom-level strategy of the blockchain. You Bank uses investment banking thinking to integrate global financial assets, and through the "big capital strategy" and international top financial operations, to create an independent economic system and independent monetary system exclusive to You Bank in the world political and economic order, with no project The relationship of competition creates a “platform among the platforms, the ecology above the ecology”

Manage over 60,000 BTC, top technology team guarantees digital asset security

        You Bank has more than 150 financial product development, asset management, trading, and technology R&D personnel worldwide and currently manages over 60,000 BTCs. Its quantitative management team contributes more than 4% of the volume of transactions in the mainstream digital asset trading market. In addition, You Bank Group has four self-employed asset management teams that operate more than 130 traders and technical teams in Canada, Silicon Valley, Greenwich, New York, Hong Kong and London. The core members of the asset management team are from the international first-line quantitative hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Tower Research, Lone Pine Capital, World Quant, etc., through the quantitative trading of floating coins, using stable coins as asset anchoring and hedging tools. To achieve the preservation and appreciation of assets, thereby maximizing the return on user assets.

High return on a global scale, anchoring the dollar to achieve asset appreciation

        The most essential difference between You Bank Digital Asset Bank and other wallets is in profit model and hematopoietic capacity. The YouBank team has a global financial extension arbitrage experience. Through the five arbitrage hematopoietic capabilities and professional international financial capital operation capabilities, we hope to create the most lucrative return on assets for users around the world.
In addition, 80% of the digital currency stored by YouBank users is USDT, which closely anchors the stable assets of the US dollar. It relies on the five hematopoietic functions to realize the preservation and appreciation of digital assets and eliminate all asset bubbles.
At present, You Bank has opened up applications covering all life scenarios such as e-commerce, hydropower coal, high-speed rail, airports, hotels, and hungry. Through the exclusive platform pass YBT, you can consume in any business scenario. At the same time, You Bank will issue a dedicated bank card that can store all the major digital currencies in the world and can be consumed anywhere in the world. You Bank believes that the real ecology is borderless and unconstrained. It is “no domain sharing”. You Bank will create one of the world's largest domainless ecosystems, a new digital living space that belongs to the future of mankind.