The digital asset banking platform You Bank landed in the United States and appeared in Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit ...

        From June 21st to 22nd, 2019, the Washington Elite AI Blockchain Summit was held at the Washington, DC Convention and Exhibition Center. The digital asset banking platform You Bank participated in the summit and delivered a speech. After appearing in the European market, You Bank landed in the United States and gradually built a global layout to create the “Fed” of the digital world.

        More than 150 sponsors from Washington's elite AI blockchain will be represented by more than 100 CEOs and founders, including the “Block Chain Driven Country” – President of the Liberian Free Republic Witt Yedley Chica is a top blockchain summit held in the US capital.

The Federal Reserve of the Digital World

        Daniel, CEO of You Bank, a digital asset banking platform, attended the conference and delivered a speech on the first day. He introduced that the original intention of You Bank was to establish a digital bank that can be circulated and used worldwide in the digital economy era, covering digital asset management, digital asset trading, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trusts, and digital Multi-faceted integrated services such as asset insurance. The You Bank digital asset banking platform is dedicated to providing “one-stop” digital asset management and financial services to users around the world, becoming the “fed” of the digital world.

Born in the world, the elite management team

        As a leading global multinational blockchain financial integrated service platform and a well-deserved leader in digital asset management, You Bank has more than 150 financial product development, asset management, trading, and technology R&D personnel worldwide. The multinational self-employed asset management team manages more than 60,000 BTCs. Headquartered in Singapore, You Bank was founded by the Jewish family of nine Jewish families known as the "Rosschild" family of the digital world.

Build a true “no domain sharing ecosystem”

        You Bank will always adhere to its original intentions, broadly absorb all resources, create sustainable prosperity under the user consensus mechanism, make unremitting efforts for enterprise progress and promote social development, and bring together all projects in the non-domain sharing platform created by You Bank. In the digital world, we will create an ecological platform for the convergence of global financial and commercial resources, and realize the “non-domain shared ecosystem” that truly “creates, shares, builds, shares, and wins” in the digital age.

5 major hematopoietic functions, eliminating foam and maintaining value and value

        The most essential difference between You Bank Digital Asset Bank and other wallets is in profit model and hematopoietic capacity. The You Bank team has global financial extension arbitrage experience. Through a. High-frequency quantitative trading b. Digital currency lending c. Digital currency payment d. Non-performing asset processing e. Listed company mergers and acquisitions and asset restructuring, the five arbitrage hematopoietic capacity and professional international financial capital operation ability, can be globally Users create the most lucrative return on their assets.
        In addition, 80% of the digital currency stored by You Bank users is USDT, which closely anchors the stable assets of the US dollar. It relies on the five hematopoietic functions to realize the preservation and appreciation of digital assets and eliminate all asset bubbles.

Truly anchor the value of digital currency

        In addition, You Bank is the world's first and only platform to anchor the value of digital currencies. It has brought about fundamental changes in the business structure of the entire digital economy. Digital currency closely anchors the long-term value of You Bank's global ecosystem, and the digital assets that hold You Bank continue to generate high value returns. You Bank's global economic ecology allows blockchain assets to deliver high growth returns and create a highly anchored platform for all digital currency values worldwide.