Li Hongzhi's ambition, Lingyun's digital ambiguity - Global Digital Economy Summit and You Bank Global Launch Ceremony · Bangkok Station was a complete success!

        On August 2, 2019, the Global Digital Economy Summit and the You Bank Global Launch Ceremony landed in Bangkok, and it has now come to a successful conclusion. With the globalization of You Bank and the expanding business landscape, You Bank is leading the digital asset management industry with pioneering image. The event brought together industry leaders, investors and the majority of You Bank customer groups to discuss the power of career beliefs, aiming to gather bloody souls and share a beautiful digital life in the future.

        The event was selected in the emerging economy of Bangkok, Thailand, as it is leading the way in embracing emerging technologies and foreign investment, and future decisions. Standing in the international investment paradise, You Bank's trip to Bangkok set off a national focus!

The guests attending the class in an orderly manner

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Dai Youming, the ambassador of You Bank China, gave a welcome speech to the guests.

Speech by Mr. Dai Youming, Ambassador of China Bank Communications

        n his speech, Mr. Dai Youming mentioned that You Bank was born for collective profit. The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. The swallows have the ambition of Hongjun, and You Bank is always in the same position with the ambition of Lingyun, and is fearless!
        The era of the digital economy has come a lot, and the digital asset management bank has emerged from the idea to the crazy chase of major companies. There is no doubt that the future has broad prospects. Based on the digital asset management bank, You Bank innovates to create a “financial pipeline” around the world, which allows people around the world to recognize and realize the rapid appreciation of digital asset wealth.

U currency loan online ceremony

        The biggest highlight of this event is the U-coin loan online ceremony.
        U-coin is a pledge loan application of a digital currency launched by You Bank. Borrowers can obtain more digital asset lending quotas by pleasing certain digital chain assets. Because of its speed and ease of operation, it has a greater advantage than similar products. The world of digital assets is ever-changing. U-coin is committed to solving the painful point of digital asset turnover and capital use. It is the cash flow umbrella for your digital asset investment.
The digital asset lending platform has recently become a hot focus, and users can pour digital assets onto platforms for lending and other digital asset financial services. Based on its intelligent management, flexible and fast features, rave reviews.
        The You Bank team's move is a rescue solution for the industry's asset “pain point”. Under the blessing of speed, ease of use, easy to use, transparent and flexible repayment, and free and flexible repayment, U-coin will be able to seize the digital asset lending market with lightning speed.

You Bank Business School Chief Lecturer Yi Wei

        Mr. Yi Yi shared his experience in digital asset management with the guests by introducing the You Bank business model. He mentioned that digital assets at this stage are a high-risk, high-return investment vehicle. High risk is not a bad thing, but because the digital asset management industry is still in its infancy, digital currency is currently volatile, limited in scalability, and low in audiences, so there are few financial products available to everyone.
        What You Bank is currently building is a professional digital asset management company that develops in line with the market trend of asset management. Because of its strong financial hematopoietic properties, it is easy to obtain investment channels and methods while asset management, and it plays the role of storing interest and investing in wealth management.

You Bank Asia Pacific Communication Ambassador Liu Yang shared

        As the finale of the “Conversational Future” Global Launch Ceremony, Liu Yang’s total sharing can always poke in the depths of every guest present and resonate.
        Problems such as the high degree of global economic prosperity and the fact that traditional financial models are no longer able to meet the needs of a growing economic system have followed. When thinking about how to solve the dilemma, Liu Yang always described the great global strategic layout of You Bank at this meeting, and gave the guests a sure answer to solve the dilemma – let the consumer create wealth and let the platform condense the value!
        econdly, he shared that finance as the foundation of the global economic building is related to all aspects of people's lives, and its importance is self-evident. You Bank Digital Asset Management Bank will be an innovative exploration, with the return value as the core and promote Achieving sustainable prosperity under user consensus. You Bank brings together the top resources and super-flows of the global financial industry. The funds, assets and resources in the ecosystem are in a virtuous rolling circle, providing comprehensive and integrated digital asset management and financial services to people around the world.
Roundtable forum
        The roundtable forum was arranged at the end of the event. The three guests expressed their opinions. The audience and guests interacted with each other and responded one by one. They expressed their opinions on the future prospects of the digital asset management industry and the blockchain enabling finance.
        Blockchain finance is to serve the needs of people and businesses. This demand is generated and generated in various scenarios. At present, the blockchain ecology has been established, but there are still many gaps in more subdivisions. You Bank is a company that truly does digital ecology. Through its strong financial hematopoietic capacity, it will bring new digital assets to the future. Financial value.

        At this point, the Global Digital Economy Summit and the You Bank Global Launch Ceremony·Bangkok Station has come to a successful conclusion!
        The digital economy belongs to the wave of the times. No one or any organization can stop the coming of this wave. I believe that in the future, when the blockchain technology is prosperous, You Bank is already a giant in the field of digital asset management.