"Fed" in the digital world, You Bank unveiled at the Unchain conference in Berlin

        The Unchain blockchain conference was held in Berlin, Germany from June 14 to 15, 2019. You Bank, a digital asset banking platform, attended the conference and delivered a speech at the conference. At this point, You Bank made a wonderful appearance in the European market, officially kicking off the global layout! 

        The Unchain Conference in Berlin, Germany, is an important blockchain summit of the year. It aims to build a blockchain technology and commercial high-end communication platform for practitioners and related organizations of blockchain technology around the world, and explore the application of blockchain technology. Landing and practice to promote the development and promotion of blockchain technology in various fields in the future.
You Bank digital asset banking platform, the “Fed” of the digital world
        You Bank is a leading global cross-border blockchain financial services platform and a well-deserved leader in digital asset management. Headquartered in Singapore, it was founded by the Jewish family of the nine Jewish families of the "Rosschild" family known as the digital world.
        Daniel, the global CEO of You Bank, attended the conference and delivered a speech at the conference. He introduced that the original intention of You Bank was to establish a digital bank that can be circulated and used worldwide in the digital economy era, covering digital asset management, digital asset trading, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trusts, and digital Multi-faceted integrated services such as asset insurance. The You Bank digital asset banking platform is dedicated to providing “one-stop” digital asset management and financial services to users around the world, becoming the “fed” of the digital world.

        In addition, You Bank currently has more than 150 financial product development, asset management, trading, and technology research and development personnel worldwide, and currently manages more than 60,000 BTCs. Its quantitative management team contributes more than 4% of the volume of transactions in the mainstream digital asset trading market. With 4 self-employed asset management teams, it operates more than 130 traders and technical teams in Canada, Silicon Valley, Greenwich, New York, Hong Kong and London. The core members of the asset management team are from international first-tier quantitative hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Tower Research, Lone Pine Capital, and World Quant. Through the quantitative trading of floating coins, the stable currency is used as the anchoring and hedging tool of assets to realize the preservation and appreciation of assets, thereby maximizing the return of user assets.

        Relying on Singapore, one of the world's international financial centers, You Bank incites the world's top financial resources, realizes global industrial layout, and participates in the acquisition and disposal of non-performing assets around the world. In addition, high-frequency quantitative trading can give You Bank a safe and considerable profit. By working with top international financial institutions, You Bank can achieve a return on assets of more than 10 times with less money, inciting a larger amount of non-performing assets. Disposal of non-performing assets is a safe, stable and considerable business model in the financial sector.

You Bank, creating a true “no domain” blockchain application ecosystem
        You Bank will always adhere to its original intentions, create sustainable prosperity under the user consensus mechanism, make unremitting efforts for enterprise progress and promote social development, and finally create a “co-creation, sharing, joint construction, sharing, sharing in the digital world”. Win the "digital ecological community."
        You Bank always faces the entire market with a blend of all things, and absorbs all resources. By then, all projects will be brought together to the big platform created by You Bank, which will eventually build a “digital ecological community” without domain sharing, an ecological platform for the convergence of global financial business resources.

You Bank, really anchoring the value of digital currency
        In addition, You Bank is the world's first and only platform to anchor the value of digital currencies. You Bank has fundamentally changed the business structure of the entire digital economy. Digital currency closely anchors the long-term value of You Bank's global ecosystem, and the digital assets that hold You Bank continue to generate high value returns. You Bank's global economic ecology allows blockchain assets to deliver high growth returns and create a highly anchored platform for all digital currency values worldwide.