What is You Bank

You Bank Digital Asset Bank

Headquartered in Singapore, You Bank Group is a digital asset wealth management platform that integrates digital asset storage, digital asset payment and settlement, digital asset trading, digital asset finance, online mall, games and social networking. At present, it deals with more than 10 mainstream digital assets of quantitative value, and provides added capabilities, such as crowdfunding products, tools and derivatives, as well as one-stop digital asset management solutions for institutions or certain currency holder groups, so as to ensure the preservation and appreciation of the digital assets.

Position of You Bank

The original intention of the founding of You Bank was to establish a digital bank which could allow the circulation and use of funds, throughout the world, in the digital economy era. It was designed to provide a range of services including digital asset management, digital asset trading, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trust certificates, digital asset insurance and so on. You Bank is committed to becoming the Federal Reserve that truly defines the value of digital money, providing comprehensive and integrated digital asset management and financial services for people around the globe.

YouBank Mission

  • Create a real application platform

    At present, You Bank has opened online payment for e-commerce, water, electricity, coal, high-speed rail, airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.

  • Create a digital currency exclusive bank card

    You Bank will issue a dedicated bank card that can store mainstream digital currencies and can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Building a digital ecological community

    In the digital world, we will create a “digital eco-community” that “creates, shares, builds, shares, and wins”.

  • Create one of the world's largest non-domain ecosystems

    YouBank will create the world's largest non-domain ecology, a new digital living space that belongs to the future of mankind.

You Bank Core Technology - AI Quantization Technology

You Bank acquires stable objective gains by performing quantitative management on floating currency. You Bank owns 150 personnel around the world engaging in financial product development, assets management, trading, and technical R&D, and manages over 60,000 BTCs up to now. Its quantitative management team makes over 4% trading contributions in mainstream digital assets market. You Bank builds up an AI Quantitative Trading System, in which, You Bank compiles trading thoughts of all top-grade traders and integrates big data of market, policies, mathematics, computer, Fractal Theory, and random process via AI technology, to form the super trading program without any human emotional factors, thereby achieving intelligent trading while eliminating all emotional affects thoroughly. In this case, You Bank could strictly control the risks and achieve quantitative tradings. Relying on big data and rapid computing capability, You Bank AI Quantitative System could intelligently analyze the investment opportunities one by one, and independently identify and capture the data concerning digital assets in various trading platforms, thus to make decision on whether or not to perform arbitrage task, and enable the quantitative trading by itself in proper time. In this way, You Bank prevents the digital assets entrusted by the clients from being affected by price fluctuation, which solves the disadvantages and risk brought by manual arbitrage. Meanwhile, as for the performance of safety, AI quantitative technology is totally transparent to users, and all trading signals could be opened automatically according to the user setting, thus to guarantee the safety of user trading.

You Bank Core Technology - Blockchain Finance

YouBank Advantage

Core team

Daniel, CEO of You Bank
A member of the early technical team of Ethereum.
Blockchain and business strategy strategists and financial advisors.
More than 10 years of experience in financial molding development and blockchain technology.
He is good at differentiated business strategies, seamless business growth strategies, and integrates global resources to help companies achieve growth
He has served in Nestlé, Unilever, Kellogg, Pernod Ricard, Mo Yue Hennessy, Samsung, Jura Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and many other well-known multinational groups; and is an independent consultant for high-tech companies such as EVERUS TECHNOLOGIES and Finology. .
Established My Bank in 2017, focusing on quantitative investment technology, artificial intelligence, robot system development and other fields and achieved significant results.
2019, with the support of many world-renowned investors, established the You Bank Group and served as CEO.

Technical team

  • Lewis Hayes Chief Technology Officer of You Bank
  • Senior UTXO and IPOS programmer Senior Blockchain architect Served international first-line quantitative hedge funds Managed a technical team with more than 100 people
  • Kyan Edwards Quantitative Team Director of You Bank
  • Top cluster data mining analyst in the world Expert of fractal theory Has served internationally renowned companies Excel in designing quantitative trading models
  • Rodney Mitchell Chief Operating Officer of You Bank
  • American Marketing Management Professor Director of various multinational corporations Excel in planning the overall operation of the team Operated hundreds of technology finance projects

You Bank Business layout

You Bank Strategies & Planning


    You Bank's "Big Capital Strategy" is to integrate global financial assets with investment bank thinking and create an independent economic system and an independent monetary system, exclusive to You Bank, in the world political and economic order.


    You Bank is not a competitor to any project, but rather an adjunct and a way to help other projects grow.
    You Bank is committed to creating a “Platform within the platform" and an “Ecosystem of ecosystems".
    This is You Bank's "Big Platform Strategy".


    The platform didn’t exist in the past? Investment losses? Capital locked-up?
    As long as your team is still there, don’t worry!
    Come to YOUBANK, our Noah’s Ark Project can save you and your team!
    Help you recover your losses and help you realize a rapid increment of your wealth.


    You Bank brings together top-tier resources and mega-flows of the global financial industry to create a "platform within the platform" and "ecosystem of ecosystems", and will eventually become the world's largest shared financial traffic provider.
    The Real "Digital Bank" for Digital Assets
    The “Fed” in the Digital Era
    The “Value Standard Maker” for Digital Assets