What is You Bank

You Bank Digital Asset Bank

Headquartered in Singapore, You Bank Group is a digital asset wealth management platform that integrates digital asset storage, digital asset payment and settlement, digital asset trading, digital asset finance, online mall, games and social networking. At present, it deals with more than 10 mainstream digital assets of quantitative value, and provides added capabilities, such as crowdfunding products, tools and derivatives, as well as one-stop digital asset management solutions for institutions or certain currency holder groups, so as to ensure the preservation and appreciation of the digital assets.

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Position of You Bank

The original intention of the founding of You Bank was to establish a digital bank which could allow the circulation and use of funds, throughout the world, in the digital economy era. It was designed to provide a range of services including digital asset management, digital asset trading, global asset allocation, digital funds, digital trust certificates, digital asset insurance and so on. You Bank is committed to becoming the Federal Reserve that truly defines the value of digital money, providing comprehensive and integrated digital asset management and financial services for people around the globe.

YouBank Mission

  • Create a real application platform

    At present, You Bank has opened online payment for e-commerce, water, electricity, coal, high-speed rail, airports, hotels, restaurants, etc.

  • Create a digital currency exclusive bank card

    You Bank will issue a dedicated bank card that can store mainstream digital currencies and can be used anywhere in the world.

  • Building a digital ecological community

    In the digital world, we will create a “digital eco-community” that “creates, shares, builds, shares, and wins”.

  • Create one of the world's largest non-domain ecosystems

    YouBank will create the world's largest non-domain ecology, a new digital living space that belongs to the future of mankind.

YouBank Advantage

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You Bank Digital Asset Bank is committed to providing “one-stop” digital asset management and financial services to users around the world. It is a leading global multinational financial services group in the digital economy era and a well-deserved leader in digital asset management. Headquartered in Singapore, it was founded by the Jewish family of the nine Jewish families of the "Rosschild" family known as the digital world.

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